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Enables students to learn and grow in various fields of Computer Science and Engineering by conducting events, workshops and competitions.

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Elevate your journey with the ACM JNTUGV CEV(A) Student Chapter – your gateway to tech brilliance. Engage in tech talks, master coding challenges, and drive change through community endeavors. Proudly shaping futures within Vizianagaram and beyond.  Join us and redefine your tech voyage.

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Unlock your skills through Coding Contests where challenges inspire creativity, logic transforms to solutions, and code shapes the future.

Learning Journeys with professionals expertise. Connect, learn, and be inspired by those who have carved their path to success.

Explore student creativity through our blogs. Join our thought leadership events and inspire change with your well-crafted ideas.

Engage in our diverse range of activities from food drives that nourish communities to exhilarating fun events that unite students, we’re more than tech

ACM JNTUGV CEV Branch edition of Bytes The News Letter

Organizing worldwide programming competitions, the JNTU-GV, CEV (A) ACM Student Branch deserves special praise for its tireless efforts to improve its international visibility. Therefore, this edition is dedicated specifically to them. This unique newsletter creates a platform for Alma matter to contribute articles on best industry practices. This approach helps current students to get acquainted with the latest technology. It serves the department and institution’s growth two fold. Firstly, the industry’s best practices can be reflected in our student community through their alums. It makes more sense to the students. Secondly, it helps to bridge the gap between industry and academia. It’s the dream of any computer science/ Information Technology graduate to join companies like Meta, Apple, Google, etc. The newsletter devotes a particular column to algorithm design techniques and their importance in companies. “Bytes” will act as a platform to nourish coding techniques to crack such companies. We invite our research collaborators to share a glimpse of fundamental research to enable our faculty and students to solidify their research quotient.


Explore the future of IT in “TechInsights” with our featured article, “Artificial Intelligence Unleashed.” Delve into the latest breakthroughs and transformative applications, discovering how AI is reshaping problem-solving and propelling the industry forward. Don’t miss the journey into the dynamic landscape of intelligent technologies!


Introducing the focal point of this “TechInsights” issue – “Data Science and Analytics: Navigating Insights.” Uncover the latest trends and transformative applications in the dynamic field, exploring how data-driven methodologies revolutionize problem-solving and propel the IT industry into a future of informed decision-making. Dive into the world of Data Science and Analytics!


Presenting the spotlight feature of this “TechInsights” edition – “Innovating Future.” Embark on a journey through the latest trends, breakthroughs, and visionary concepts that shape tomorrow. Discover how innovation is steering the IT landscape, influencing problem-solving, and charting an exciting course into the future. Dive into “Innovating Future” now!

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